How to setup the HubSpot data connector on QuickBI

1. Start by pressing the Free trial button on the front page or below.

2. Next you will need to register your QuickBI account or login to your existing account.

Instructions: create QuickbBI account

3. To register, sign in to your Google account or press the ”Continue without Google” -button.

Instructions: sign in

4. If you registered a new account, you will be directed to this view, which lets you choose a name for your QuickBI workspace. If you are logging in, you will see the next view.

Instructions: create workspace

5. This is the opening view of your QuickBI account. Press the blue ”New data source connection” button in the top right corner of the screen to continue.

6. Now you see a list of all available connectors. Choose HubSpot.

7. To connect your HubSpot to QuickBI, press ”Authenticate”

Mikäli tilillä on tai tulee olemaan useamman Google Ads -tilin käyttöoikeus, kannattaa lisätä Customer ID -kohdassa yhdistettävän tilin ID, jonka löydät Google Ads -tililtäsi. Lisäksi valitse päivämäärä, josta eteenpäin kerätty data tuodaan lähteestä QuickBI:hin.

8. When your HubSpot account has successfully been authenticated, you will see ”Account authenticated” in the view. 

Lastly, select the starting data for data retrieval and click ”Connect”. It may take a few seconds to connect, so don’t close or refresh the page.

9. In the next view, you can select the data categories which you want to import to QuickBI. After selecting, press ”Sync data”. It may take a moment, so don’t close or refresh the page.

10. Now just choose the interval and time for your data to refresh. Then press ”Set schedule”.

Instructions: set schedule for automatic data syncs

11. HubSpot has been connected! The icon next to the connection name will turn green once the data sync has been completed. You can connect another HubSpot account or other data sources by pressing ”New data source connection”.

To start analyzing the data with the tool of your choice, press ”Connect your data tools”

12. In this view, you can browse all the data tools that you can connect to QuickBI. Choose the tool that you want to use and click on it.

13. The tool-specific instructions will open after choosing a tool. This example is for Google Sheets. Setting up your data tool will only take a few minutes.