Data warehouse

A data warehouse is home for all your data.

Combine data from all your important information systems into one place where it's easy to access and utilize. Using a data warehouse makes business analytics, forecasting and planning easier and more efficient.

Building an efficiently working data warehouse is routine for QuickBI experts. With more than 300 integrations, we combine all the data you need from your company's various systems to your data warehouse and your BI system.

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Agile BI reporting and data analytics

By integrating all of your data into a data warehouse, you can automate parts of your reporting process, and you also get a great tool for testing your data and creating and quickly verifying new data models and analyzes.


Centralized data is easy to utilize

We gather all the data sources needed for your reports and analytics into a data warehouse. The data is formatted to be easy to use with the BI tools you choose, and system integrations are configured to update everything automatically.


Much more than just a data warehouse

Data warehousing is an integral part of fast, reliable and comprehensive reporting. QuickBI can build a seamless, efficient reporting and analytics system for your business, where all data flows effortlessly and securely from source systems to the data warehouse and further to the BI tool of your choice.

Deployment and maintenance of the data warehouse

Integraatio Google BigQuery

QuickBI can help you get started with the Google BigQuery data warehouse. If you wish, we can also take care of maintaining it in the future.

BigQuery, part of Google's cloud services, is a highly scalable data warehouse for businesses of all sizes. It is not too robust a tool to take advantage of relatively small amounts of data, but it also works well with considerable amounts of data.

BigQuery is a scalable and cost-effective solution also in terms of pricing, as it is based on the use of the product and services. The price depends on the number of analytics processes and the storage space required.

BigQuery is an excellent basis for reporting and machine learning models. The data in the data warehouse can be processed and analyzed with the desired BI tool. As a service provided by Google, BigQuery is also a good option if the company wants to keep its cloud data within the borders of Finland.

QuickBI can also implement integrations with other data warehouses (e.g. Amazon Redshift / AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Snowflake).

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Why join data while it is in the data warehouse?

Surely by now you are convinced that a data warehouse is by far the most efficient way to manage data? Contact us and we'll talk more.