Fully automated data pipeline from the source to your report

How to get started?

Setting up QuickBI only takes a few minutes:

1. Connect data sources to QuickBI

Data is stored in Google BigQuery data warehouse

3. Connect the data warehouse to the analysis tool of your choice.

4. Choose, which information you want to display - reporting has been automated!

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Focus on analysis, not data processing

Combine all data sources into the same report

Save time, less manual work

Build your own report, automate data

Share effortlessly with management, teams or clients


Procountor data connector

Connect Procountor data to other data sources, automate data transfer and build your reports according to your spesific needs.

Netvisor data connector

Connect Netvisor data to other data sources, automate data transfer and build your reports according to your spesific needs.

"QuickBI saves our working time, allowing us to focus on analyzing data and developing our services"
Johanna Sälkiö
Business Intelligence Analyst, Humm

Why QuickBI?

With QuickBI, you can use your time more wisely: analyzing data and leading with knowledge, instead of spending your time preparing manual reports.

Dataputki palveluna

BI tools

QuickBI is compatible with all Business Intelligence tools. With the help of BI tools, data can be modified and combined, filtered, segmented, visualized and analyzed in different ways, as well as shared in a convenient controlled manner.

QuickBI transforms data, so it can be processed with any BI tool. Data from different sources comes in different forms, and transforming it manually is time-consuming. With QuickBI's data integrations, data is automatically refreshed, meaning that reporting with BI tools is automated and the data is always fresh.

Google Looker Studio - BI

Looker Studio (Data Studio) is an easy-to-use tool for visualizing and analyzing data. It is part of the Google Marketing Platform and can be used via a web browser.

Integraatio: Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence application offered by Microsoft as a cloud service. It is a powerful tool for collecting, analyzing and reporting business data.

Integraatio: Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense, from one of the world's largest BI software companies, is an efficient and flexible tool for collecting, processing, analyzing and sharing business data.

Tableau - BI

Tableau, one of the fastest growing BI systems in the world, offers solutions of different sizes and budgets for a wide range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations.

Data warehouse

QuickBI creates and maintains a warehouse for your data. Just connect your data sources and BI tool, our data warehouse will automate the rest.

QuickBI always builds you your own data warehouse automatically - even in the free trial. The data warehouse is a secure storage for all of your data. In the warehouse, the data is transformed into the same format, which allows for analysis and processing with BI tools. 300 pre-built data integrations enable a quick and comprehensive setup. Another benefit of the data warehouse is the automatic refreshing of data, starting directly from the source. This means that with QuickBI, your data will automatically be retrieved from the data source and transferred to your BI-tool through the warehouse, empowering your decisions with the latest and most reliable data. 

QuickBI is an expert in data warehousing that also maintains and updates your data warehouse automatically, whenever needed. Don't stress about unexpected costs, data security, system updates or building new integrations yourself. QuickBI takes care of it all for you.

Onko teillä käytössä jokin näistä?

QuickBI offers a wide and constantly growing selection of data integrations preferred by Finnish companies, so that data can be easily brought to one place for analysis.

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Number of data sources







Data warehouse included

Custom data sources

Transform support

All BigQuery compatible tools.
Easy to add data tools, e.g. dbt or dataform.

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dbt Core

dbt Core & dbt Cloud

Difference from others

Easy to use, versatile, Finnish connectors, no coding

Only marketing data

Number of connectors, no self-service deployment

Your own visualization tool

The whole extent of the Extract & Load range

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SME company management, 
finance, sales, marketing, HR, etc.

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Data team

Data team

Data team

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15$/milj. riviä + 10$/GB

(scales with data)

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

The data retrieved from the customer's data sources for their reports is saved in a customer-specific BigQuery data warehouse, which is located in Google Cloud servers in Europe (you can read more about the servers on Google's website https://www.google.com/about/datacenters/). Data related to using the service, like user information, are also located in Google Cloud servers in Europe.

You can end your subscription any time with a one-month notice.

Once the data source is removed, the data is also removed from the data warehouse.

There can be a total of five users per subscription by default. Additional users can be requested from customer support by using the chat on the website or sending the request by email to support@quickbi.io.

You can add new connectors whenever you want. If your subscription plan changes due to the added connector, the price of your subscription will be updated for your next bill.

Data security is the top priority of QuickBI and we are committed to ensure data security and privacy in every phase of our process. We use multiple different methods to protect the data. We use the best practices of data protection and systemically prevent the potential security threats of our service. The data has been encrypted with robust modern encryption methods (e.g. TLS, AES-256). The service infrastructure is in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is designed to comply with multiple international security standards, like ISO/IEC 27001. Our personal data processing complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. For more information on our data protection, please contact us.

Step-by-step guide

Connecting a new data source can be done by clicking on the "New data source connection" button on the Data sources page. If you need help with connecting a data source, contact us by chat or email support@quickbi.io

Choose Google BigQuery from the data sources of your BI tool and authenticate using the same account with which you signed in to QuickBI. You can find detailed and simple step-by-step instructions for each BI tool on the Data tools page in your QuickBI view.

We'll be happy to offer assistance or to answer your questions.

You can contact our customer support by chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or by email to support@quickbi.io


In the bottom of the "New data source connection" page you can find a "Request a new source connector" button. We are constantly developing new connectors to fit the needs of our customers and the market. 

Yes. We are committed to protect the privacy of our customers and ensuring that our processing of personal information is transparent and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

You can find a "Request a new report template" form on the "Report templates" page. We are constantly creating new templates and updating the existing ones to fit the needs of our customers and the market.

Data protection

Data protection is the top priority of QuickBI. QuickBI complies with all legislation of Finland and the European Union and uses a Google data warehouse, which is physically located in Europe. The security of the data warehouse is accounted for by Google. 

QuickBI's information systems only gain access and process the data which the users themselves choose to integrate. Handling and processing the data has been fully automated in QuickBI's processes. The staff of QuickBI only has access to the data warehouse of their corresponding clients and only for the purposes of product development, maintenance or customer support. All fo QuickBI's staff receive data protection training, and actions regarding sensitive (personal or business) data are only executed by selected product development personnel. 

Data integrations

Over 300 ready-to-use data integrations

Find below if we already have a connector for the systems used by your company!
We will build more if needed - you will always get a new data source connected swiftly by us.