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You can start a free trial from the self-service interface. You get access to hundreds of ready-made integrations and the Google BigQuery data warehouse. The trial does not require payment information or a phone number.

Cuuma data connector

Cuuma is a modern customer service system designed to create seamless, enjoyable encounters that both customers and staff will appreciate. The Finnish mobile carrier’s services are used by nearly 1,000 companies, distinguishing itself with advanced call routing capabilities, automated pre- and end-call processes, integrations to modern tools, and client-specific customizations.

The system is built with a focus on creating a unified experience across all channels of communication, including phone calls, text messages, emails, and chat. It offers features that help make customer service more efficient and effective, such as updating customer history irrespective of the channel or service representative involved, managing peak periods with intelligent automation, and providing a reliable and fair partnership that includes the latest technology and expertise.

Cuuma is tailored to fit individual business needs. Its system is designed to integrate various functions into a unique whole. It allows the management of different communication channels, such as email, chat and text messages, phone calls, media alerts, and time tracking in one view. The platform can be integrated with other tools, enabling real-time access to information about new callers and easy collection of customer feedback.

Cuuma helps companies measure and improve their customer service quality by providing reliable data. It measures appropriate response times for your company and aids in correct resource allocation, thereby enhancing efficiency and cost savings. It allows customers to decide where and how they want to interact with your business and ensures that conversations can continue from where they last stopped.

Cuuma contains data from the customer journey, enriched with information from third-party APIs, and can integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce. The core function of the solution is to ship new leads to Cuuma’s CRM system, where the sales team can continue nurturing the potential customer. Prospects are categorized based on information from third-party APIs, user actions on the site, and a short questionnaire before granting a demo of Cuuma’s product.

Integrating Cuuma Data

Cuuma can be very beneficial when integrated with other systems, such as:

  • Salesforce: Cuuma’s integration with Salesforce allows it to profile customers on multiple factors and focus sales resources efficiently based on facts. This helps in streamlining the sales process and increasing efficiency.
  • Sympa HR: This HR solution can be integrated with Cuuma to manage employee basic information. Sympa offers the required data in configurable Sympa REST API endpoint(s) or file-based output(s) for the integrated system or third-party solution to integrate with the Contact Information system. This helps in better employee management and efficient work processes.
  • Google BigQuery: When Cuuma is integrated with QuickBI’s service and connected to Google BigQuery, it can unlock powerful data analysis capabilities. This allows businesses to conduct in-depth analysis of customer interactions, measure customer service quality, and develop data-driven strategies for improvement.
  • CRM Systems: Integrating Cuuma with CRM systems can help businesses better track customer interactions, manage leads, and enhance customer service. The enriched data from Cuuma can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, which can be leveraged to improve customer relationships and drive sales.

Integrating Cuuma with these systems can lead to improved customer profiling, efficient resource allocation, streamlined sales processes, and enhanced customer service. It can also provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customer interactions, leading to more informed decision-making.

QuickBI offers a ready-made solution for retrieving and transferring Cuuma data to the Google BigQuery database. This enables an easy and efficient way to use information from Cuuma together with other information sources. QuickBI’s consultants can also help you build reports and dashboards to enhance your ability to derive valuable insights from all your data.

You can start a free trial from the self-service interface. You get access to hundreds of ready-made integrations and the Google BigQuery data warehouse. The trial does not require payment information or a phone number.

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  • 12 months of historical data
  • Google BigQuery data warehouse


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  • 4 data sources
  • Data updated once per day
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Google BigQuery data warehouse
  • Extra data sources 50€/source/month
  • Data extraction from multiple different instances of a same data source 20€/instance/month


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  • Unlimited data sources
  • Data updated hourly
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Possibility for custom connectors
  • Google BigQuery data warehouse
  • Data extraction from multiple different instances of a same data source 20€/instance/month