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We know the hassle all too well. You want to have an overview of specific data to make reports, analytics, conclusions and decisions, however you have many data sources and streams, and getting the data you need often means many manual hours of your time spent, or you have to ask your IT department to help you. We have created a service for you who wants to get the data you need fast, with just a few clicks. We have over 300 ready-made data integrations and can build integrations to practically any system you use.

Tietojen yhdistäminen helposti

How it works

QuickBI will fetch all your relevant data from your various systems and make it ready for report use. Data models created by QuickBI can be pulled to your Business Intelligence software, where you can continue your analysis and share it with your organization or customers.

We also implement individual integrations. This means you can order the missing connector from us that you still need for your otherwise comprehensive reporting.

Why should you do data integrations with QuickBI?

QuickBI's product enables data from several different systems to be combined without problems that are related to direct data integrations. With the help of QuickBI, data can be imported into the BI system in an optimal form from the point of view of reporting needs. Data editing takes place in the data warehouse, so the calculation logic does not burden the BI system and thus slow down the loading of reports. Connecting BI tools directly to source systems can cause slowness or, at worst, a system crash. With QuickBI's stable and reliable solution, you avoid these problems.

When reporting uses combined data from different source systems, insights about the business can be gained more easily and better than by following individual reports. With QuickBI, it is also easy to forward the data and utilize it in many ways in various functions, for example in invoicing or marketing automation.

QuickBI enables the limitation of data access rights and the design of relevant reports per user. Information can also be safely shared outside the organization, as sensitive data can be filtered out.

Organizational growth and knowledge-based management require continuous testing, creation and development of reports. This can be done nimbly and flexibly when the data integrations are done with the help of QuickBI's connectors and a data warehouse. QuickBI is also always ready to produce solutions for problems or needs that arise unexpectedly.

Do you have questions about data integrations?

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Problems with data integrations

In our blog post, we thoroughly discuss the integration of different systems (e.g. ERP or CRM) into the BI tool and the points to be considered and common problems. Read the blog (in Finnish), why direct data integrations are a bad idea.

Over 300 ready-to-use data integrations

Find below if we already have a connector for the systems used by your company!
We will build more if needed - you will always get a new data source connected swiftly by us.

You can start a free trial from the self-service interface. You get access to hundreds of ready-made integrations and the Google BigQuery data warehouse. The trial does not require payment information or a phone number.