Be the first to discover trends and steer your company with data

With QuickBI you can export data from over 300 data sources to a modern data warehouse. From data warehouse you can analyze your data with the reporting tool of your choice.

Data pipeline as a service

Dataputki palveluna

Stop manual data processing and use your time to make decisions based on the data.

Connect all your data in the self service tool

Data is stored in a Google BigQuery data warehouse

In the data warehouse, you have access to both raw data and data transformed for reporting

Analyze and visualize with the BI tool of your choice

Use the software you prefer for data analysis, such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, Looker Studio, or Google Sheets.

Tutki ja visualisoi haluamallasi BI-työkalulla
Data päivittyy automaattisesti

You have automated your reporting

You can choose how frequently fresh data will be updated.

From data to knowledge with QuickBI

We can get you everything you need to lead with knowledge

Valmiit connectorit QuickBI:ltä


QuickBI has over 300 ready-made connectors, and if necessary, we build new integrations to almost any data source. We ensure that the connections work smoothly and efficiently.


Data warehouse

A data warehouse is a prerequisite for efficient data processing. We integrate and bring your data into the Google BigQuery data warehouse.

Raportoinnin konsultointi

BI tools

Analyzing data and sharing the related insights is best conducted through the utilization of different BI-tools. Our ready-made integrations already cover the most popular BI-applications. Select the one you prefer to use and make reporting and analytics fast, easy and useful.

QuickBI introduced by customers

Fysioksen talousjohtaja Jari Lampinen

QuickBI has been helping Fysios in creating a culture of business intelligence. Value of new culture can be measured in millions.

Kihon perustaja Antti Koponen

With the help of QuickBI Kiho has been able to get data from multiple systems for tailored reports for different user groups.

QuickBI has automated moving of external data into MTK's reporting and facilitated the tracking and analysis of large amounts of data.

Humm stopped manual data processing. Nowadays, working time is effectively used for the development of their own service.

Organize your business reporting

Countless different reports and key figures can be tracked in different areas of the business, and by analyzing them, it is possible to make better decisions and enhance the efficiency and growth of the company. Leading with knowledge can only be achieved based on carefully thought-out and constructed reporting and analytics.

QuickBI's business reporting consulting services cover everything from the selection BI-applications to defining the right reporting techniques and building ready-made reports with different BI-applications. We've compiled a comprehensive list of example reports that we've built for our different clients.