Connecting data fast & effectively

QuickBI connects your data sources to your business intelligence system for you, so that you can focus on what’s important; getting the data you need with just a few clicks.

From data to knowledge with QuickBI

We can get you everything you need to lead with knowledge

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We connect your data sources to your business intelligence system of choice utilizing a data warehouse. We make sure that the connection runs smoothly and efficiently.


Data warehouse

In case you don’t already have a data warehouse for your data, QuickBI can help you choose the most suitable one for business and set it up for you. We can also take responsibility of its maintenance.

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BI tools

Once data has been collected into a data warehouse from all the necessary systems and databases, further processing and sharing of the data is possible with the BI tool of your choosing.

QuickBI:n asiakkaat kertovat

QuickBI on auttanut Fysiosta luomaan tiedolla johtamisen kulttuurin, jonka arvo on mitattavissa jo miljoonissa.

QuickBI:n avulla Kiholla on pystytty sovittamaan yhteen usean eri järjestelmän data käyttäjäkohtaisiksi raporteiksi.

Consultancy in reporting

We offer a wide range of consultancy services for efficient reporting. Our services cover everything from determining and establishing relevant metrics with a customer to creating reports with any Business Intelligence tool.

Countless different reports and key figures can be tracked in different areas of the business, and by analyzing them, it is possible to make better decisions and enhance the efficiency and growth of the company. Leading with knowledge can only be achieved based on carefully thought-out and constructed reporting and analytics.